Question: Did you always do your homework when you were in school?

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  1. I did always do my homework and generally I did it early to get it out of the way. I tried to be super organised in high school to fit in all my sport and other things.


  2. Hi Horselover,

    Yeah, i think so. In some subjects i did more than i had to because i found it interesting, maybe other subjects i forgot to do the homework, but it all evened out i guess :p


  3. Yes I did. From about year 9 I got home, went to sports training (running in winter or cricket in summer) most days, had dinner, watched the ABC TV news, then did homework the rest of the evening. That was my routine. My eldest son is a teenager now and I’m just starting to realise how different I was. I suppose there was no distraction from computers or PS3 consoles in my day.


  4. Hi horselover101,
    Yes, I did always do my homework when I was at school. I also tried to get it done early and I did some extra sometimes if I enjoyed the subject a lot.


  5. hey @horselover101. Yep, most of the time. I, too, was a sportsman so needed to be pretty organised to fit everything in. Had a pretty good routine happening. Time management is a big thing, so really try your best to sort your time out, and keep it well managed!