Question: What was your least favourite subject in highschool and why? -C & C

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  1. My favourite subject was lunch.
    After that I was interested in physics more than anything else. It was in uni that I found biology most interesting.


  2. @onedirection, is that you? really? I love your song “that’s what makes you beautiful”. Hang on, sorry, off topic. My least favourite subjects were geography and history! For me, sorry, just not interested.


  3. Hi Onedirection,

    My least favourite subject at high school was probably a course called general studies. It was really about whatever was happening in the paper and just seemed to get in the way of other subjects. Actually I don’t think the teachers even liked doing it but I was added into the curriculum to make up content.


  4. Hi Onedirection,
    My least favourite subject was probably English. I didn’t actually mind it – it’s just that I liked all my other subjects more!