Question: Were you really good at maths and science or did you have to work hard at these subjects?

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  1. I had to work very hard! Some parts of it came easy to me but I really struggled with any maths. To help with that I took extra maths classes and studied as much as possible. Maths is really important to all science so I am glad that I worked as hard as I did on it in high school.


  2. Hey @ghosthunter100. Maths wasn’t too crazy hard for me but I only did 2unit maths. I think it depends how much you put into it and how well your teacher engages with you. I agree with James that maths is really important for all science. Stick with it. You’ll be fine. I also did biology and chemistry. I found biology pretty cruisey but had to work really hard in chemistry. Again, having a good teacher really helps. Thanks so much Mr Selkirk!!


  3. Hi Ghosthunter,

    Yes… I was good at maths and science and yes I worked hard at them.

    I guess what you were trying to ask was did I get good marks without much effort?

    I did, what was then 3-4 unit maths, Physics, and Chemistry, and while I went ok, it was proportional to my effort.

    While it is the case that some people understand concepts easier than others in various subjects, it has been my experience that outcome is proportional to effort. Most of the people that got good marks, worked hard at it.

    So if you feel as though you are not doing well, or are concerned about these sorts of subjects that you are not going to do well, it is about effort and most people can get good at these subjects. A good teacher can make a big difference, but failing this, good tutors can be a great help.


  4. Both. Loved them, but they were tough. I found maths harder than physics, although there is a lot of maths in physics. But in physics, there are often different ways of looking at problems and solutions than simply writing down a page of mathematics.


  5. Hi Ghosthunter100 and Shadycactus6,
    I was pretty good at both maths and science but I also worked very hard at them. My best subjects at school were maths B and maths C (the more difficult one) and chemistry, then biology, then physics. I studied chemistry, biology, and maths at uni because I liked them so much – I agree with James and Chris, study as much maths as you can because that will help you with your science.

    I agree with Dustin, too – even though some people find it easier to understand certain things, the amount of effort you put in to studying will definitely affect how much you understand and then how well you do in your exams/your grades. Having a good, enthusiastic teacher is also very useful.

    My advice to you is to work hard and be persistent, and never ever be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Good luck! 🙂