Question: what is your favourite food

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  1. Hi Horselover,

    I really like vegetables, especially when steamed and in soup, with a dumpling.

    So i will have one steamed vegetable soup with dumplings please.


  2. I’m a vegetarian so I would say a good vegetarian curry like a Dam Aloo or an Aloo Mater. I hope I spelt those correctly, potato curries 🙂


  3. Ha, three vegos – now we know the secret to success in “I’m a scientist”, eat your veges! I’m a vegetarian and favourites would be lentils, rice, tomatoes, beans. But any veges (except eggplant – yuk).



  1. Hi all, from he other side! 🙂
    I also love vegies! My favourite food is rice and dahl (lentils), and my favourite veges are potatoes and carrots. One time I was eating a whole carrot in an airport (I didn’t have a knife to cut it into pieces) and there was a cleaning lady who kept looking at me funny. Its not that weird, surely?