Question: What is your favourite experiment, that you have done?

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  1. I recently did an experiment where I set up a lot of pin-hole cameras to try and take a photo of the sun as it moves through the sky. That was pretty fun and I got some cool images. It also taught me what doesn’t work so I can do it again and get event better results.
    I don’t really do research any more so I find little experiments to do around the house like this.


  2. Hi Cocacola and Holly,

    Most of my favourite experiments are ones I do with magic when communicating science to people. Just simple little things that can be done on a table in front of people with simple equipment, they are my favourite.

    For example, this one is for you Cocacola. Take two full cans of coke, one normal coke, and the other diet coke, one will sink and the other floats. Can you tell me which one and why?


  3. Hey @cocacolarulez. For me it was working with fluorescent green mice and transplanting their bone marrow into other mice. Cool mice, cool techniques and pretty ambitious project!