Question: what is the best big snake to get

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  1. Hi Tommy,

    In terms of keeping one at home as a pet, I wouldnt recommend big snakes. The larger the snake, the more room you need for it and more heat. Also the food you need to feed it gets bigger and therefore its poop gets much bigger. They become a lot more work.

    Finally, they are also dangerous animals, especially if you havent worked with them before. In America, 6 people die on overage per year from big pet snakes.


  2. I’d talk to your parents and then visit a specialist pet store to work it out if is something you can all agree on. Keeping snakes can be a lot of trouble but also quite expensive to set up as they need special enclosures as well.


  3. Hi Tommy,
    Dustin and James have given you some great advice if you are thinking of getting a pet snake. 🙂

    In case you are interested, the largest extant snakes (‘extant’ is the opposite of extinct – it means ‘currently in existence’) are the Asiatic reticulated python (Python reticularis) and the Green anaconda (Eunectes murinus). P. reticularis is the longest snake (and longest reptile in the world) and can grow to be almost 7m long, and the Green anaconda is (usually) the heaviest type of snake in the world. Apparently the longest and heaviest anaconda ever scientifically recorded was 5.2m long and weighed about 97kg, but it is thought that they can be larger than this.
    The largest known snake ever was the Titanoboa cerrejonensis, which is now extinct. They were thought to live around 60 million years ago and were usually 12–15m long (at least that’s what people think from the fossils that have been found so far).
    According to the Guinesss World Records, the longest ever snake in captivity was a reticulated python named Fluffy who lived in Columbus Zoo, Ohio, USA. She was measured as being 7.3m long in 2009, and died in 2010 at the age of 18 years (apparently due to a tumour). (It was reported in around 2003 that a reticulated python was discovered in Indonesia that was nearly 15m long and weighed about 183kg, but apparently that snake wasn’t really that big at all, and was really about 7m long and maybe weighed about 100kg.)
    The smallest living snake is the Barbados threadsnake (Leptotyphlops carlae), which is usually about 10cm long.
    Pretty cool!