Question: what do you like about science and why??????????

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  1. Hi corina, shani and holly
    Science is a very interesting and relevant subject. Science is everywhere, what you eat, how you come to be who you are, how your body works (or not work properly), your environment (natural and man made)… There is so much information out there for you all to learn about and try to understand. I am still learning things everyday. I think this is why I like Science. There are just so many unknowns…..


  2. Hi Corina, Shani and Holly,
    The best part about science for me was always the exploring. I really enjoy pulling things apart to work out how they work. I started with simple electronics and eventually found myself pulling apart bacteria. Figuring out how things work is very satisfying.


  3. Hi everyone,

    Science is the best way for understanding how the world works. Most things in our lives are shaped by science in one way or the other.

    Because science is all about trying to understand things, it means that your work can often be on things that not many other people have worked one, which is really cool.

    For me, science has allowed me to travel to places that many other career paths don’t provide.

    Ultimately, science means that I am also doing something positive for society that other people are going to benefit from.


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  5. Hi corina, shani, holly, onedirection, and ghosthunter100,
    I really enjoy learning about how things work and love to explore things (I’m very curious!). Science is all around us and affects us all (even if we don’t realise it!) so I also like being able to contribute to the world/society by studying things that I am interested in, and investigating and finding out things that no one else has worked on/found out before. In terms of working in science, I like that am able to (and get to) work with both my mind and my hands at the same time (which you don’t necessarily get to do as much in every job) – you have to think about what you’re trying to do and plan how you want to do it, and then you get to actually do experiments/carry out investigations yourself to test your own ideas, and then learn from all this and do it all over again as you continue your investigations. I also get to use some pretty cool instruments/machines as part of my research, and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to travel overseas to visit other scientists or attend conferences, and have met some really interesting people. I also like talking with other people about science and the world around us (and how things are connected, which they might not realise), and I love that I am always learning new things! Working in science has given me some pretty unique experiences and opportunities that I might not have had otherwise, like being able to participate in IAS and interact with and learn from students from all over Australia like this! 🙂



  1. thank you for answering my question