Question: hey arti i'm in year 8 this year. .p.s how many years have you been working sniitficly for?

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  1. Hi Jgiumelli,
    I started studying science at university in 2003, and finished my Bachelor of Science degree in 2005. I first started doing research in 2006, during my Honours year (2006), and I’ve been doing it ever since then, so I’ve been working in science research for about 6 years now. (But I would say that I have been trying to work scientifically ever since I was little! I really liked to explore how things worked for as long as I can remember, and I kept trying to do it and kept asking lots of questions.)

    I hope you have a nice time in Year 8, and the rest of school and beyond! If you like science (or any other subject) then definitely keep studying it, and I hope you are enjoying taking part in “I’m a scientist”! 🙂