Question: I have 2 pet Frogs at home and am getting another creature soon and wanted to know, which would you recommend ? (I have enough space for just about anything)

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  1. Hi Shady,

    If you are going to get something, then make sure you are really interested in getting it.

    Otherwise, I would say rather than using money and time on getting an animal at home, get yourself a few Australian plant and animal guidebooks. Then hassle your parents to take you bushwalking and, take a note pad and pencil or camera and attempt to identify all the animals you can see, as well as plants, fungus, and bugs.

    I loved doing this as a kid. Rather than owning one animal, I spent my money on allowing me to see and understand the animals in the bush. I did some work with a local group in Canberra a little while back, and in one backyard we counted, 9 species of lizard, 24 species of invertebrate (bug), about 25 species of plant, and 15 bird species all in the space of 3 hours. It was a great afternoon.


  2. Nice advice, Dustin. 🙂

    If you do get another animal, make sure you really really want it , and that it isn’t incompatible with your frogs!


  3. My sister had a frog and then we got a tortoise. The frog used to sit on the tortoises shell so that might be an option I guess. Talk to an expert though.



  1. if i keep them in seperate cages, could i get an incompatible animal, or would they jump at each other through the glass?


    • with animals that are placed side by side, it is best that they cant see the other animal .