Question: have you ever saved an animals life?

  1. Hi princess3498
    Certainly. I am the type of person that will pull over on the side of the road to help the turtle across.
    So many animals unfortunately get hit by cars.

    Also working in a zoo environment means that I sometimes have to give animals injections to help them through sickness.



  1. I have always loved animals and we only ever adopt them from the RSPCA which prevents them from being put down. My wife and I have always considered this saving a life. Other than that I saved a cat being attacked by a dog and a bird that got hit by a car, both by taking it to the nearest vet.


  2. Once I found a Domestic Blue Melopsitticus undalatus in a park being attacked by a couple of Strepera graculina and I saved it and kept it for around 3 years. That was when I lived in Canberra but,