Question: is it possible for a human to breed with an animal

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  1. No. Humans are far enough removed from other animals, even closely related ones like chimps, that we could not interbreed (as far as I know). One of the things that allows us to determine one species from another is that individuals with a species can interbreed and produce children capable of of breeding but individuals from different species cannot. The is why a lion and a tiger can interbreed to make a liger but are still separate species because ligers cannot breed. Same for a donkey and a horse which produces a sterile mule.


  2. Yes, when a human breeds with a human, that is a human breeding with an animal.

    But i am guessing you asking about another animal.


    Richard Dawkins (the oxford evolutionary biologist) in an interview with a primatologist (someone that studies primates), discussed this question. The answer was that they thought it quite possible that a human could breed successfully with a chimp.

    If this was possible, it is not likely that the offspring would be fertile, but it would satisfy the breeding part of the question.

    The issue of doing this though is the morality of attempting to do something like this. It is like the question of cloning a human.



  1. whats immoral about cloning?