Question: what is the deadliest thing youve ever seen, heard, handled, captured, studied, ect?

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  1. Hi Shadycactus,

    This all depends on what you mean by deadliest.

    I have handled 15 or so of the worlds most venomous snakes. I have worked with dangerous animals such as bears, tigers, and large crocs.

    But even still, after being in the military for a while, the most deadly thing I have seen, worked with, heard, etc, are humans. Our ingenuity to build towers to the stars can also be our curse.


  2. As an astronomer I’m not in direct contact with deadly things. But I do study, from a large distance, the most energetic explosions in the Universe, associated with dying stars or the black holes at the centre’s of galaxies. If you got close to one of these things (within 10 light years), you would be in big trouble. Lucky I watch them from much further. As a fisherman I’ve pulled plenty of fish out of the ocean that have pretty nasty spikes and venom, but not deadly.


  3. I have held a vial of anthrax spores. That was pretty scary because nobody could remember where it had come from and it was buried in ice at the back of the freezer. We were told to incinerate it by ASIO.