Question: What is your favourite animal and why?

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  1. Hi Missangel12 and Plutox,

    My favourite animals are snakes, especially vipers.

    Snakes are fascinating, they have managed to evolve and adapt to more habitat types than any other animal even though they don’t have arms or legs. There are snakes on the ground, snakes underground, snakes that live in the sea, snakes up trees, and even a couple of species that can glide by flattening their bodies.

    Some snakes are small and look like worms while other snakes are huge, some snakes are all one colour while other snakes are brightly coloured.

    I like vipers especially because they have unique features. Their fangs swivel in their mouths, some of them have rattles on their tails, and some of them have heat sensing pits so they can see body heat of other animals.

    What are your favourite animals?



  1. I like the wacky animals that are unique to Australia. In particular the platypus, which is such a weird combination of bits and pieces. It makes me wonder what the evolutionary path was that ended in the platypus and how many odd animals appeared and disappeared along the way.


  2. Elephants are my favourite animal. I’m not entirely sure why but I have been attached to them for as long as I can remember. They are so majestic, and pretty unique! 🙂


  3. I like chameleons and lemurs. Chameleons and cuttlefish have an amazing ability to change their appearance in response to the environment they are in but chameleons also have those creepy eyes which I think are fascinating.
    Lemurs have very long and powerful arms and legs but that are attached to the torso in such a away that they can’t stand up-right and walk like a human. Instead they have this fun skip to move along the ground that make them look like they have won the lottery, “I’ve won, I’ve won!!!”