Question: if the universe is still expanding will the sun get further away from us

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  1. Short answer is no. The gravitational pull of the Sun on the Earth will eventually drag us into it, irrespective of the influence of the Universes expansion. If you were able to stop gravity, and the Earth’s motion so that everything just hun in space but let the Universe keep expanding you would be able to see the Earth and Sun moving apart but the Sun’s gravitational pull is much stronger, hence our fiery doom.


  2. Hi Shaunm,

    We now know that the universe is speeding up in terms of its expansion, however, i think there is still more work to be done in this area for the far future.

    But assuming it continues to expand at an ever increasing rate, eventually, we wont see any other galaxy, and it will just be our galaxy. With enough expansion then it is conceivable that everything else would be pushed apart further still, including the atoms in our body.

    However, if this happens it will be long after our sun has swelled engulfing the earth, then become a white dwarf.

    So no, we should be ok