Question: could humans ever live without the sun? even if all heaters and lights were on 24/7?

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  1. Hi Shadycactus,

    No, if we lose the sun, we will freeze. Space is a cold place. Also if we dont die from the cold, we will run out of food, plants require the sun for photosynthesis, without the plants we have nothing to eat.


  2. Nice answer, Dustin.
    Shadycactus6, humans also need sunlight for our bodies to be able to produce vitamin D, which we need for the health of our bones and immune system. So if there was no more sun then we would all become deficient in vitamin D and would have very weak bones and our health would be affected. A disease that people who don’t have have enough vitamin D get is called Rickets, and involves the bones becoming softer and more brittle and more bent/curved (instead of straight). So we need the sunlight for our own health, too (you can actually take vitamin D supplements, but you get the idea).


  3. Between Dustin and Arti everything I wanted to say has been said.