Question: What was that whole thing with hobbits in Indonesia? I also heard that they were linked to Roswell.

  1. Hi pnemono,

    Firstly, no they have nothing to do with Roswell or aliens or crashed space ships or Paul.

    But there were “hobbits” in Indonesia. They are called Homo floresiensis, and while there some early discoveries made in the 50s and 60s that pointed to early human like species existing on Flores (the island in Indonesia), skeletons were found in 2003.

    Homo floresiensis appears to have lived about 700,000 years ago and stood about 1m tall. They appear to have traits that are similar to other human like species, such as “Lucy” (Australopethecus afarensis) and Homo erectus.

    Here is a diagram of the human evolution tree and how we relate to the hobbits


  2. Pnemo, where do you hear things like this? 🙂
    Nice explanation, Dustin.


  3. hey @pnemo. Wow, you come up with some awesome questions!! What do you have for breakfast!?! I’ve no idea but I believe Dustin is part Hobbit so I’ll leave him with the answer……


  4. There were some additional discoveries recently but questions have been raised about the analysis of those bones. I believe they referred to the 2003 finds but I may be wrong about that. Certainly the researchers got themselves a lot of extra press calling them hobbits at the time though.