Question: what was the most dedlyest dinosoresss

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  1. Hi Lachy,

    This will depend on what you mean by deadliest but I would probably go with Troodon. This dinosaur had a relatively big brain compared with other carnivorous dinosaurs of the period. It is thought that it would hunt in packs like modern lions.

    Sarcosuchus would have been pretty deadly as well, although not a dinosaur. It was a monster crocodile at 15m long and weighed in at 10 tons.


  2. As a vegetarian I feel I should cheat and say the large herbivores like Argintinosaurus (a sauropod) would have killed more things than any carnivore, they just would have all been plants. Weighing over 100 tons and measuring 35-40m long it would have crushed Dustin’s puny carnivores under its enormous feet.


  3. Hi Lachy,
    Nice question, but that would definitely depend on what you mean by deadly, as both Dustin and James have said.
    I just looked this up and found many different lists of the deadliest dinosaurs (as you might have done, too).
    I’ll add a third dinosaur to the mix for some variety (and again, showing that the answer depends on your definition of deadly): Majungasaurus crenatissimus was a theropod that lived in Madagascar about 70 million years ago. They were about 7m tall and weighed around 1100kg. The reason that I would consider this dinosaur to be so deadly is that it was a cannibal! Not only did they hunt other dinosaurs, it also looks they ate each other!!!