Question: how come people have different hair colour?

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  1. Hair colour is determined by your genes. You are a combination of your mum and dad’s genes and so it’s likely you have a hair colour that is either the same as one of you parents or a combination of their colours. There is some argument over how many genes are involved but there look to be 2 main genes that are in control.


  2. Hi Shaunt,

    Our hair is the colour it is as James has mentioned due to the genes we inherit from our parents.

    But in terms of the mechanism. Our hair colour is a result of two types of melanin, pheomelanin and eumelanin.

    Pheomelanin colours hair red, and eumelanin is responsible for the darkness of the hair. So with less eumelanin, hair appears more blonde and with more eumelanin it appears darker. Before you starting hassling rangas (red haired people), we all have pheomelanin, just some have more than others.

    The expression of melanin can also change through time, this is why hair colour changes as people age.


  3. Hey shaunt, Yep, it’s genetic. i’ve got a mate with brown hair, his wife too, who have two red head kids. Crazy eh?!?


  4. Nice answers, everyone. Dustin kind of mentioned it but I thought I’d actually point out that when people’s hair becomes completely white when they are older, that means there is no more melanin in it.