Question: is it true that your foot is roughly the size of your penis?

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  1. Hi shaunt,
    I have heard this as well but I have no idea if there really is a general correlation.
    I did study a little bit of human physiology and anatomy at uni but we didn’t learn about this. The only correlation they did teach us was that your heart is about the size of your fist.
    No offence intended, but I’m really not qualified to answer this question, lol! 🙂
    (Sorry, my corny attempt at being funny…)


  2. No. There is real correlation that I am aware of.


  3. Hi Shaunt,

    As far as correlations are concerned, it is best to think in terms of overall height. So the average penis size to height in humans is 1:12.

    The vertebrate (animal with a backbone) with the largest penis as a ratio of body size is the Blue-bill duck at 2:1. So its penis is twice as long as its body.

    But, this is easily beaten by the barnacle with a 40:1 size penis compared with body length.

    They need such a long penis because when you are stuck to a rock, and you need to directly inseminate, you need to be able to reach the partner.

    Here is a video of barnacle copulation.



  1. James, are you saying that there is no correlation that you are aware of?