Question: is it true that reptile have 2 penises if true why?

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  1. Hi xxdrunktinyturtlexx
    It is partly true.

    Males in the group squamata, that is the group of reptiles that includes lizards and snakes, have a pair of hemipenes.

    Males in the group testudines (turtles and tortoises), crocodylia (crocodiles and alligators) only have one.

    And, strangely, makes in the group sphenodontids (the tuatara from New Zealand) actually doesn’t have one.

    So the why this is the case? Well this is are really interesting question. Either all male reptiles had a singular penis, and the squamata group (thats the lizards, snakes) and sphenodontid group (tuatara) lost it. Then the lizards and snakes evolved it again.

    Or, all reptiles lacked the penis and turtles and crocodiles independently evolved the single penis, with lizards and snakes evolving the hemipene pair.

    It is another part of science that we are still not sure on. That is the great thing about science as a job, there is always going to be a job because there are always going to be things to find out.

    Great question



  1. FYI, marsupials have a forked penis. This is because the females have 2 uterus. Crazy stuff!


  2. Animal reproduction is crazy compared to humans in some cases. Ducks have penises shaped like corkscrews and different species have penises that spin in different directions. Because most duck sex is ‘non-consensual’ the female have a reproductive tract with many dead ends so that she can still control if a male’s sperm will reach her eggs.

    Some spiders have several penises on their heads and reproduce by sneaking up on a female and then running into the females reproductive set (males are much smaller than females when this occurs). The female responds by biting the male in half but his head made the reproductive organs it wont matter and the female will later lay eggs.

    Don’t event get me started on Angler Fish!


  3. Too crazy!! I’m out….


  4. They say variety is the spice of life… so why not when it comes to the creation of life itself! 🙂


  5. So about that Angler Fish, I know its a bit disguisting but I’d like to know?