Question: If you had 3 wishes and 1 of them had to be a change of job what would they be and what would the job be?

  1. Interesting question. Wish number one would be that a full understanding of all the true laws of physics be granted to me. Wish two would be that I get back my 25 year old body back and be allowed to keep it for ever. Change of job would be centre half forward for St Kilda. Pretty selfish, I know. Could have wished for world peace or something……..


  2. Hi Cheese22211, that is such a cool question.
    I would wish to be able to work really fast like the Flash so I would have more time 🙂 I miss playing baseball and I never have enough time to write so having more time would be awesome. I would wish to have enough cash to look after my family and myself so that we could be comfortable for the rest of our lives and finally, if I did have to change jobs, I would wish to go back into teaching at university.


  3. I think I only need one wish, that would be to be Dr Manhattan.

    He is the blue guy from the watchmen series. He could cross space and time without a problem and see everything.

    Ok well a second wish would be to be Arthur from A Hitch HIkers guide to the galaxy.
    That would be the change of job, star traveller.

    Then a wish for world peace I guess


  4. Hi cheese22211,
    My wishes would be:
    1) Peace and happiness – might as well be for everyone and not just me!
    Now that we have that one out of the way…
    2) Change in job would probably be to become a teacher, or maybe an astronaut!
    3) Unlimited wishes, then I could do whatever else I want! You knew that one was coming! 🙂