Question: what are fireworks made out of


  1. Hi Shaunm,

    There are a number of compounds in fireworks.

    There is a fuel which allows the material to burn, an oxidiser which chemically oxidises the material for burning. Then there is the colour part of the fireworks. The colours are produced by burning different sorts of elements, for example copper burns green.

    The different explosions, and therefore shapes are produced by the way the burn cycles are packed together.


  2. Fireworks are made by combining a fuel (gunpowder for example) with an oxidising agent (oxygen can work but often you want something better), a pigment to give it colour, a binder to keep everything together and a chlorine burner which gives the flames more vibrancy.
    The colours are achieved by mixing in different metals which burn with different colours, potassium burns purple and calcium chloride burns orange.
    The colours and effects are constructed by expert pyrotechnicians who train a lot, know a lot of chemistry and are very careful. DO NOT BUILD FIREWORKS AT HOME!!!!!111!!!1!!!! Please.



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