Question: is it possible to make light sabers like of of starwars

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  1. Hi ShaunM,
    I’ve never been very clear on how lightsabers work. Somehow they have found a way to concentrate light into a sword by making it bounce back and forward like a laser against a mirror, only without a mirror. Also, somehow, the light has become physical enough to bang into other light like a sword would instead of passing through each other like the beams of light from two torches would.
    I guess what I’m saying is I don’t think so but I am not an engineer so don’t quote me on it 🙂


  2. Hi Shaunm,

    I am with James on this.

    The problem with a laser, as i guess that is what a light saber is, is stopping it at only a couple of feet rather than going off into infinity.

    Then there are other issues.

    However, this is based on the assumption that this is what a light saber is. Maybe it is something completely different, like plasma, held in place by magnetic fields… and movie magic



  1. * I am not a Star Wars fan :)*
    the hypothetical lightsabers in Star Wars use colour and power crystals and since they don’t exist (well there are coloured crystals but no power crystals) we cannot actually make a lightsaber but we can create coloured light that can appear to stop because they don’t produce enough light to be seen but that would be quite a large lightsaber it would look like a lightsaber torch


  2. Hypothetical is not the right word.