Question: can twins really sense each others thoughts

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  1. At this stage there is no evidence that twins are able to do this despite all the anecdotal evidence that exists. It may be that there is something that links twins but science has not yet observed nor been able to test it with accuracy.


  2. Hi Shaunm,

    I happen to be married to an identical twin. When they are together they basically have their own language, they talk at 4 times the speed of light, and anticipate what each other are about to say.

    But this is only when they are together and comes from a lifetime of shared experiences, hanging out together, understanding what each other is going through.

    Similar i have a few friends that i have hung out with for a long time, and we have done a lot of stuff together. We have similar senses of humour and will often know when the other knows when somethign is going to be funny. But again it is about shared experience.

    There doesnt appear to be anything more than that to the situation, but it is a very interesting field of study.



  1. I am a Twin and I say I can’t! but we are the same in many ways.


  2. @dustin (somewhat personal, so you dont have to answer) can you tell them apart? if not, have you ever gotten them mixed up?