Question: what is it like once you are evicted?

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  1. Hi Shady,

    Unfortunately the rest of the team cannot answer this question, so it is only James and I that can answer this.

    For me, I am just happy to have been a part of it all. This is such a great event. I have found it great to talk to all the students, the questions have been a lot of fun, and i have learnt a lot on they way.

    I have also met some great people, that i will stay in contact with and hopefully hear more about their research.


  2. Same as Dustin. I imagine it sucks but we all got into this to talk with you guys and the more we can do that the better.



  1. Kieran Lim

    Dear James, I was a scientist in last year’s event. It was very intensive with lots of questions. Not much sleep. So it was both a huge disappointment to be evicted, but also a huge relief to be able to get some sleep!


    • Love this Kieran! Nice to hear from you.


    • Hi Kieran. You might not remember it, but we have actually met at a chemistry conference – its a small world! 🙂


  2. Hi Shadycactus6,
    Hello from the other side!
    Just like Kieran has said, I have also found IAS quite intense but I have enjoyed it a lot! Its been great being able to interact with students who are so interested in science – you have all been asking some really great questions and the chats were fun. I have learnt a lot from this experience, and I hope that you and all the other students have enjoyed it and learnt many things as well.

    Now that I have been evicted, I can’t actually answer questions any more like I could before (as Dustin said) and I can’t participate in any more of the live chats, but I can still write comments!. It was disappointing to be evicted but now I have more time available for sleep again, as well as for doing more of my own work (which is really useful when you have a pile of assignments to do!). This event for me (and I’m sure I can speak on behalf of all the other scientists as well) was not about the money, but it was all about interacting with other people interested in science. I have certainly been able to do this and have enjoyed it a lot – I am still able to interact with you as well, even if its only through comments now. I have also been looking at the website today to see what’s been going on and to read the newer questions and answers – it is much more relaxing now, actually!

    It will be quite interesting to see who wins our zone! Best of luck to both Dustin and James!

    To all the students, best of luck from me for the rest of your school years and beyond. If you love science (or any other subject) than please keep studying it – studying and/or working in an area that you love is extremely fulfilling, and you’ll find that you are less stressed and will learn more if you actually enjoy what you are doing. 🙂