Question: How does Mitosis work without halving all the cells of the organism? its really rare type of cell division isn't it?

  1. Mitosis is not at all rare, in fact it is how almost all cells on Earth divide. The other way is called Meiosis which only happens in certain cells and binary fission which is mitosis in bacteria.
    You are right that it halves the contents of the cell but in preparation of the split the cell oubles everything so there is enough to share.


  2. Hi pnemono,

    Mitosis only occurs in eukaryotic cells, but it is the process by which all eukaryotes separate the chromosomes in the cell nucleus when the cells are increasing in numbers.

    Cells undergo a series of developments, or life stages of the cell. Prior to mitosis, the cell duplicates the genetic material, resulting in two sets of chromosomes. The mitosis phase, is the part where the cell pulls one set of chromosomes one way and one set the other way.

    In animal cells, the cell will pinch, and begin to form two new cells each with their own genetic material, and in plant cells, a new cell wall is built to create the two new cells.

    These two new cells, called daughter cells, have the same genetic information as the parent cell. All other processes are controlled by the genetic material so reactions etc continue, provided all the genetic material is there.