Question: How does an element pass its half life?

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  1. Hi pnemono,

    The half-life of a decaying material refers to the amount of time it takes for something to decrease by half its starting condition.

    So if you have something with a half-life of 1 day, on day 2, there would be half of what you had on day 1. Then on day 3, you would have half of what you had left on day 2, and so on.

    So lets imagine you have 50gms of element X, with a half-life of a year.

    Start of year 1 = 50gm
    Start of year 2 = 25gm
    Start of year 3 = 12.5gm

    And so on.


  2. Nicely answered by Dustin while I decided to sleep 🙂