Question: How does 3D effects work? :D


  1. Hi Trololo

    I guess you are referring to 3D movies.

    Because we have two eyes that are slightly apart, the image they capture is going to be slightly different. You can test this by sticking your hand out in front of you with your finger up. Look through one eye at it and see what it lines up with, then change eyes, you will find you are now looking at something different.

    So 3d television exploits this by flicking rapidly between two images with each eye seeing only one. This creates the illusion that the flat image actually has depth. At current this works by using the glasses, but i did see a 3d camera the other week where glasses are not needed.

    Is that the sort of 3d you were referring?


  2. There are a lot of different 3D technologies from the original red/blue offset to the ‘real3D’ technology that currently exists. I have not looked into it much as frankly I think 3D is rubbish and only distracts from the content of the film. I saw The Avengers in 3D and had to see it again in 2D just to work out what was going on, enjoyed it much more the second time around.



  1. Yes thanks


  2. when they are making the film the camera they use has two lenses about eye length apart one is vertically polarised and the other is horizontally polarised the glasses you use (cinema style at least) are also vertically and horizontally polarised and the projector has two lenses about an eye length apart they are both projected onto the screen and it creates the effect of a 3rd dimension