Question: why is chloride so poisonise?

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  1. Hi Princess,

    Chloride is the negative ion of the element chlorine. Chloride is necessary for metabolic process.

    So I am going to guess that you we were interested in Chlorine.

    Chlorine at normal temp and pressure is a gas. It was used in world war 1 as a chemical weapon. It is so dangerous to us because when combined with water, the stuff in our eyes and lungs, it forms hydrochloric and hypochlorous acid. Needless to say what these do, especially in the lungs.

    Hope that answers your question.


  2. Chlorine is a member of a group of the elements called the halogens (seventeenth and second to last column of the periodic table). This group include 6 elements: fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, astatine and (perhaps) the artificially created ununseptium. All of these elements are highly reactive in their pure form, due to the configuration of the electrons around the nucleus. All these elements can very readily gain an electron from almost any other nearby atom, thereby disrupting other compounds, molecules etc etc. Therefore, living creatures do not fare well when they come into contact with halogens. Fluorine is one of the most reactive elements known and will even attack glass and form compounds with some heavy noble gases (which usually do not react with anything).


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