Question: why do we need trees to live-why do they give us oxygen?

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  1. Hi Princess,

    In order to live all living things need energy in certain forms such as fats or proteins to satisfy biological functions. Some types of organism can create their own complex compounds and we call these autotrophs, this is what a plant is. A plant uses sunlight and chemicals in the environment and makes organic molecules all by itself.

    On the other hand, heterotrophs such as animals, cannot make our own complex compounds and instead we need to consumer other organisms to get these types of molecules, so that we can live.

    So that is why we need plants to live. We cannot make our own food.

    Why they give us oxygen is simply it is a waste product for the tree. The tree takes in carbon dioxide, so CO2, and uses it in the process of making carbon based molecules and respires the oxygen.

    Without oxygen, life would not be like it is. It is a much better fuel than CO2.


  2. Humans use oxygen in combination with glucose (sugar) to give us energy and we make water and carbon dioxide as a waste product. We get the oxygen from the air and the glucose from what we eat. All the glucose in the world originally came from a plant as at plants make glucose to store extra energy they capture from the sun. In order to make glucose plants use water and carbon dioxide to trap energy from the sun as glucose and make oxygen as a waste product.
    So humans need to use energy from glucose and oxgen but make carbon dioxide and water as waste which is exactly what plants use to capture sunlight as energy producing storage glucose and oxygen as waste!
    Sometime biology can be so neat and tidy.