Question: Is it possible to develope and master telekenesis?

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  1. Hi Shaunm,

    Telekenesis is the idea of moving something with your mind.

    To date there have been not been any cases of this verified, as such, it would appear that it is not actually a real skill.

    But there are ways to control things or move things with your mind. Some of the latest technology in robotics uses signals from the persons brain to control robotic limbs and wheelchairs. Now that is pretty cool.


  2. Similar to some of the other questions I can’t, as a scientist, say that it is definately not possible. Only that there is currently no evidence of it existing or of a mechanism that would explain how it could work. Doesn’t stop it being cool though.


  3. Maybe. It has never been demonstrated and there is no theory or model that predicts that this is possible. But absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. So, we cannot rule it out but sometime, somewhere some sort of evidence would have to emerge to show that this is plausible.