Question: how much do you know about greek mythology?

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  1. Hi Shadycactus,

    I am certainly no expert in Greek mythology, but I likely know more than the average bear.

    I have always been interested in cultural myths, and I have been reading about Greek, Egyptian, Norse, and Aztec mythology for years.

    In the last year or so though, I have been reading a bit about African myths.


  2. Well, a fair bit. Particularly because of the Greek and then Roman mythology associated with the constellations and the planets. Lots of the constellations in the northern hemisphere are drawn from Greek mythology, and all of the planets as well – named for major Greek gods. The five planets known by the ancient Greeks as naked eye objects were Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and corresponded to major gods. Also, the constellations of the zodiac (of astrology fame). However, none of this was really invented by the Greeks. Much was inherited from earlier civilisations, such as the Babylonians, was carried through by the Greeks, and then the Romans. So, I know quite a few of the stories associated with these characters. Plus, we studied a couple of Greek plays in school. I remember seeing Medea for school. Classic story – those Greeks knew how to tell a good yarn.


  3. I love Greek mythology. I bought a book of mythology for kids to read to my baby once it is born because after I read some of the original Brothers Grimm fairytales I figured the Greek stories at least couldn’t be weirder 🙂
    Do ou have any favorite stories?



  1. can you tell me about african myths?