Question: Do you think that there will ever be a substance like gas or a liquid that could change the way people think

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  1. Well, there are plenty already. How about alcohol? It is a liquid that makes people change the way they think. After drinking alcohol, people take more risks, are less inhibited, may become happier or more aggressive. An interesting website here: So, there are plenty of substances that have different effects on people’s thought patterns and behaviour, by virtue of altering brain chemistry.


  2. Hi wwhitney,

    Yeah i was going to go with the same thing as Steven. Alcohol certainly changes people and is one of the most distructive legal substancs in society.


  3. Hi Wwhitney,
    I agree with the others – alcohol is the first thing that I thought of when I read your question.

    In addition to alcohol, there are several drugs (both legal and illegal) that affect the way people think and behave, although these are not usually gases or liquids. Some drugs/chemicals, such as marijuana and ecstasy, are called “hallucinogens” because they cause you to hallucinate (see things that aren’t really there), which can then affect your behaviour.

    Have you ever heard of “laughing gas” or “truth serum”? They really do exist! “Laughing gas” is the chemical nitrous oxide, and inhaling it makes people euphoric (feel happy), so they laugh. “Truth serum” can be made of several chemicals, including barbiturates or sodium pentothol, and can make people talk more (although its not really known whether they actually can’t lie under its influence or if they just talk more, so they end up revealing a lot more than they would have liked to).


  4. I agree with the others but I wonder if you mean in a targeted way. Changing someone from thinking X to thinking Y. That I don’t know about but it would be interesting.