Question: Are there things that happen to Earth every so often that are peculiar or out of the ordinary that we don't hear in the news?

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  1. Sure. There is plenty going on with the Earth. Not particularly mysterious but things that are unusual. For example, did you know that the continents are still rebounding after being covered with ice during the last big ice age, and that this can be measured? Or that the length of the day changes a little bit, depending how hard the wind is blowing against the Andes, also able to be measured? Or that the Earth wobbles on its axis with a particular pattern, as well as a small and unpredictable wobble, also measured? And all these things can be measured by using radio telescopes to look at distant galaxies, using the galaxies as a frame of reference to see what is going on with the Earth. The Earth is incredibly dynamic and there are lots of interesting things going on aside from the spectacular earthquakes or volcanoes.