Question: Is it possible for ghosts to exist? because I've seen all those ghost hunting shows and they seem like bogus but ectoplasms do seem plausible.

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  1. Hi pnemono,

    That is a very interesting question “is it possible for ghosts to exist?”

    But first:
    The ghost hunting shows, yeah I agree, they are bogus. I have made a few videos using very simple effects to show how most of these things are done. One person that worked on TAPS, or Ghosthunters or whatever the show is called, came out after she left the show and told how some of the gimmicks were done.

    Now to the original question. Well this all depends on what we are calling a ghost. If we are saying that ghosts are spirits or some such thing of people that have died, then this has all sorts of problems with it.

    Firstly there is no evidence that there is anything more to us than cells, chemicals, atoms etc. So there doesn’t appear to be a spirit. If that’s the case, then what is a ghost?

    Well lets say that they are something else entirely. The problem there is though that there is no evidence for them. With so many people around now with cameras and so on, why haven’t we got good evidence for them? Well the best explanation for that is that there are no ghosts and that the phenomena points to something else, the human condition.

    I have been involved in a ghost hunt before, in Sydney actually. Of course we didn’t see anything, but the people there, the believers, they were convinced there were ghosts, they were convinced we had them on video and had recordings of them. To me, it showed more about us, than it did for any supernatural thing.

    Should this depress us, certainly not. In fact it is a beautiful tale that the atoms in your body have come from dead stars. Stellar evolution and death, has created the materials that make up our bodies. If ghosts were real, great, it would be something else that would be fascinating, but it seems there is no evidence for it, o well, the universe is magical without it.


  2. Hi Pnemo,
    It could be possible – you never know what is out there! There is always more to be explored and learnt about, and this could be one of those things! We certainly don’t know about every phenomenon that surrounds us and how it all works.


  3. I would say no. There has never EVER been any evidence to suggest that ghosts exist that can be reproduced and analysed. It always intriques me that the footage is just too grainy or couldn’t be repeated this time etc.
    I would love for people to prove me wrong but I don’t believe and wont until I am given irrefutable proof.