Question: is globel warming true

  1. Hi jgiumelli,

    Sort of, rather than referring to global warming, it is more accurate to refer to climate change. Long term climate change is a natural process of the earth, but what the debate is about is whether humans have caused or contributed to the rate of change.

    As far as that question is concerned, something like 97% out of all climate scientists working on this problem are sure we are contributing to climate change in a negative way.


  2. Hi Jgiumelli,
    In general terms, yes – the climate is changing and the planet is becoming warmer. This does happen naturally anyway, but it is possible (and very likely) that our human activities are contributing to it.


  3. The planet changes temperature all the time and while it is in a warm part of its cycle it is warming faster than it should due to the actions of humans on the planet. It is for this reason it is more accurate to talk about climate change rather than global warming.