Question: what type of preporation do you need to do when preparing for an expedition to say the desert?

  1. Hi Ghosthunter,

    Well depends on what we are going for. If it is for research, we have to come up with a research plan so that we dont waste time on the ground when we get there.

    We need to pack the required amoutn of food, water, and emergency provisions. Need to also take backup provisions so if equipment is not working.

    before leaving all equipment is tested and tested and anyone that is coming is shown all the procedures of how equipment works and what the emergency procedures are.

    There is quite a bit of planning before going into the field, a good guide is that for every day of field work there is at least 3 days of planning and administration.



  1. dose the preperation ever get irritating? or is it more like trying to sleep on christmas eve?


    • Hi Shady,
      The prep isnt the irritating bit, it is getting back and having to wash all your kit that is annoying