Question: Have we found any way to make cars that float/fly?

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  1. Hi redranga,

    Sure, haven’t you been watching Top Gear.

    Richard Branson, the English billionaire has the record for crossing the English channel in the Aquada, an amphibious car (that’s a car that goes on the water and road). There have been a number of different cars like this and the military has a few amphibious vehicles in use.

    So why don’t we see more of them? Simply they are too expensive at more than $100,000 for a little two seater. It doesn’t do both excellently, so at that sort of money when there isn’t much use for them, not many people are likely going to need on.

    What about flying cars? Well I have been reading about the Molar sky car since the late 1990s, and some of the same problems exist. There are some limitations with technology, but mostly it is the cost that makes them prohibitive for the general user. The cost will remain high unless there becomes a need.


  2. Isn’t a flying car called a plane? Amphibious vehicles have been around for a long time. You can go to Boston and take a tour that drives around the city and then plunges into the water for a tour of the harbour.


  3. Hi redranga,
    Amphibious vehicles have been around for some time now. Originally they are military vehicles, but every so often you might see one that takes tourists on city/harbour tours (they look like a bus and are called ducks). I thought of Richard Branson’s Aquada when I first read your question, too – so amphibious and flying cars can happen but generally would cost a lot of money. There are also some hovering vehicles called hovercrafts – they glide just over the surface of the ground or even over water. Again, originally military vehicles. If you’ve seen the James Bond movie Die Another Day, they were using hovercrafts in it to travel over minefields without being blown up. These are probably also quite expensive for general use, but I did once see a classified ad in my local newspaper from someone who was trying to sell one! I think we’ll just have to make do with boats and planes for the most part!


  4. Yep and for $350,000 its all yours.



  1. I found this really cool video on youtube that in some time could help us make floating cars. But it would be really hard especially since the car would have to be made of liquid nitrogen.