Question: what do you do at your work?

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  1. Hi Princess3498
    In my job I get to talk about science with people all day long. My jhob is to communicate science so that everyone becomes as interested in it as I am. I do this by planning live events, making videos and writing stories.


  2. Hi Princess and Kelsey,

    Well depends on what is going on.

    When at university, I am often analysing data from field work, reading, writing and talking to others about what they have found in their research, or planning to go and do field work.
    When in the field, I am camping, and conducting experiments and collecting data.

    When doing science communication, it depends on the topic, but mostly it involves, writing articles for magazines, or talking and demonstrating things to people. I especially like showing people how snake milking is done. This is where we extract venom from the snake.


  3. Hi Princess 3498 and Kelsey,
    When I am working in the lab, I mostly carry out chemical reactions to make new chemicals from other chemicals. I do this by mixing up different chemicals together, using different conditions like cold or hot temperatures. I use different chemicals and different conditions depending on what type of change I want to make to my starting chemical(s) (what reaction I want to carry out). This is a little similar to cooking. I also have to get the product(s) of my reactions purified (which means I have to be able to separate it/them from the other chemicals that I had in the reaction mixture, which could include products that I don’t want), and then I have to collect lots of data about them using lots of cool instruments. I have to get all this data to prove that I actually made what I think I made.
    I also did some biological tests with the chemicals that I made (you can read more about that stuff in my profile if you are interested).

    I also read lots of books and articles about chemistry and biology, and write about my own work. Sometimes I also get to present my work to other people, either as a poster or by giving an oral presentation.

    I also tutor undergraduate chemistry students (these are students who have come to uni after high school), which means that I help them out in the lab when they are doing their pracs, like your teachers do at school.