Steven Tingay

Photo: Steven

Me and my Work: I build and use radio telescopes in order to figure out how the Universe originated and has evolved over the last 13.7 billion years.

Status: Let's get this party started!

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James Byrne

Photo: James

Me and my Work: I was a microbiologist working to understand how bacteria make you sick and now I’m a science communicator who talks and writes about science everyday.

Status: Another day, another bucket of questions

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Dustin Welbourne

Photo: Dustin

Me and my Work: As a biogeographer, my work is focused on trying to understand why animals live where they do, and why they do not live in areas that they potentially could; then in my other job, I talk to the public about the great reptiles we have in Australia.

Status: Everyone, whatever happens, it has been great. I have had a great time, have learnt a heap, and really hope that you have gotten something out of it.

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Chris Scarlett

Photo: Chris

Me and my Work: I lecture biochemistry, microbiology and research methods to 2nd and 3rd year university students, and I conduct research into novel therapeutic agents against pancreatic cancer.

Status: Keep the great questions coming !

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Arti Singh

Photo: Arti

Me and my Work: I study the chemistry of enzymes called the cytochromes P450, which there are many different types of and which are found in nearly all living things, to find out what sort of chemical reactions they can mediate and how they do this.

Status: It was fun while it lasted! Thanks to everyone who did vote for me! I loved interacting with you all, the live chats were great and you asked fantastic questions! :-)

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