Question: how many raw almonds would it take to kill a human from cyanide poisoning

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  1. Several hundred kg’s. There is so little cyanide in them and it is in a form called Prussic Acid so it would take a long time to get you with the cyanide.
    In the meantime you would probably die from the constipation induced the the consumption of so many almonds.
    Of course you could also choke on the first one….
    So many options 🙂



  1. You probably will get gout from eating all those almonds. It will also depend if you are eating bitter (which contains amygdalin) or sweet almonds (which doesn’t). Amygdalin can breakdown into compounds such as cynande and prussic acid.


    • Hi Herbert, what type of scientist are you again?

      P.S. I know your in the Beryllium Zone


      • Hi there pnemonoultramicroscopicsillicovolcanoconiosis,

        I am an evicted scientist from the Beryllium Zone, but this question looked like a fun one to answer. You can say I am a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none.’

        If you mean type by field of study, then you can call me a chemist. More specifically a physical/organic chemist. I studied agricultural stuff (growing of rice and their structure), particle engineering and characterisation of drugs for inhalation (drug delivery) and now I am working in first aid making bandages as well as testing cold/hot packs.

        If you are interested in science, you can change fields if you want to or you can specialise in one.


        • lbaber

          thanks for answering


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