Question: why does chlorine hurt your eyes in the water????

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  1. Hi Directioner,

    Our eyes are usually at a pH of about 7, this means that it is neutral. pH stands for “potential hydrogen”, and pH less than 7 is acidic, and pH great than 7 is called basic, or alkaline.

    So chlorine, actually causes the pool water to become more basic, more alkaline. Because of this, it irritates our eyes, as it is essentially burning them.

    Solution, wear goggles.


  2. Well answered Dustin. Some people also have an allergic reaction to chlorine and cannot swim in highly chlorinated pools (public pools tend to be more highly chlorinated because, well, people are gross). The allergic reaction causes the skin to become very irritable and red. In severe cases it can cause skin flaking and prolonged redness of the skin.



  1. Thank you guys 🙂