Question: what is entropy


  1. Hi whatawow

    Entropy is a thermodynamic process describing the tendency for systems to move from ‘order’ to ‘disorder’, or the movement from high energy to lower energy situations.
    It is the reason why it is very difficult and requires a lot of energy to put toothpaste back in the tube once you squeeze it out. It is the reason why a perfectly made salad wrap will fall apart in your hands and be disordered.


  2. Entropy basically describes how much energy there is in a system that is not available to do work. For example, you might want to ride your bike faster by putting more energy into it, making the wheels turn faster, but some percentage of that energy simply goes into heating up the rubber in the tyres, the gears and the bike chain. This heat is lost and not available to do the work of making the bike go faster. As the heat is lost, the entropy is increased.


  3. Already covered nicely. Top work!