Question: if you met a person from the future and you could only ask them one question what would it be


  1. Could you please write down a full description of how you got here from the future, in terms we can understand now?


  2. I would ask, do you have pizza in the future, because if not i am not going back there with you.

    Ok seriously. I would ask them a question that someone from the future would know, and it would depend on how far in the future they are from, and what this persons role in coming from the future is.

    For example, if you were teleported to the 1900s. One of the easiest ways you could confirm you were from the future would be to tell them that Einstein came up with E=mc^2. It would be highly unlikely that a young person in 1900 would know who Einstein was, let alone know that he was going to publish special relativity in 5 years.


  3. I like Steven’s answer! Does that create a loop though? Oh no, brain exploded.