Question: Why weren't you at the Chat? :(


  1. Yes, sorry. I had to pull out of that chat session. I’m working on a big international project called the Square Kilometre Array telescope and, after ~10 years of work, it looks like there will be an announcement on Friday evening regarding where the telescope will be built, Australia or South Africa. So, this week is going to be a bit hectic and today I had to change my schedule suddenly in order to attend an important meeting. I’ve got other chats scheduled this week that I hope to attend, and I’ll be trying to answer as many postings as possible in the evenings. But it is going to be a bit nuts for me for a while…….



  1. Hi Steven,
    The Corryong College year 9 and 10 students REALLY missed you in the chat today! There were a lot of frown emoticons! Hope your meeting today went well.