Question: What would happen to us if the moon suddenly disappeared?

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  1. Well, the tides would be greatly affected. The tides are the water in the oceans being pulled by the Sun and the Moon. If the Moon went away, the tides would be changed both in magnitude and frequency, dramatically. This would have a big effect on tidal zone ecology. Aside from this, I’m not sure it would have other very noticeable effects, but it is one of those changes that you would not like to try, because you may not be able to predict the ripple effects of a small change through the balanced system that is the Earth.



  1. It would be good, no more were-wolfs. LOL


  2. Just to add to what Steven has alluded to. If the moon dissappeared now, it would affect huge numbers of ecosystems, not just tidal systems. Many organisms use the moon light as a way to navigate, hunt etc.

    In fact hatchling turtles when they climb out of the sand head into the water due to moonlight, without they would be lost or going in the wrong direction. This is actually one of the problems of building resorts on beachfronts. If turtls lay their eggs there, and they have large lights, like many resorts do, it throws the poor little turtles out and they dont know where to go.

    So there would be a period of adaptation until species became used to this.