Question: what is the most painful cancer you can get? what is the most deadly? and what is the most common

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  1. Hey jgiumelli. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly, AND painful cancers. The number of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year approximately equals the number of deaths each year. It is very aggressive and progresses really quickly. Unfortunately, by the time you are diagnosed, it is really too late. it is painful because it can grow and put stress/pressure on a bunch of nerves which can give you quite bad pain. The most common cancer type, as reported this year by the National Cancer institute (USA), would be prostate cancer (~240,000 newly diagnosed per year in the USA) and breast (~226,000 newly diagnosed per year in the USA) cancer for men and women respectively. In Australia, the most common are prostate, colorectal (bowel), breast, melanoma and lung cancer.