Question: if aliens did exist which planet do you thik they would live on?

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  1. My first guess would be to look at planets that exist in other star systems and have orbits such that the planets are not too hot or too cold, so that water can exist in a liquid form. An atmosphere could be an advantage. Many of these planets are known and are said to exist in the “habitable zone”. However, there are many possible environments in which life could exist, so I wouldn’t be ruling anything much out. Along with a PhD student, I’ve been searching for alien signals from a planet in the habitable zone of a star system 20 light years away, called GL 581. No signs of life yet……….



  1. one of the moons orbiting neptune ( i think, could be jupitor or saturn) has an ocean under a thick layer of ice, could have mermaids!(though highly unlikly)