Question: How do black holes effect the natural flow of time?

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  1. Well, according to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, events near a black hole, as seen by an observer further away from the black hole, will appear to proceed slower than they would if right next to the observer. I should point out that, while this may appear “weird”, this behaviour is part of the way physics works and is part of the “natural flow of time”. The flow of time is relative to where you are relative to the event, how fast you are moving relative to the event or how close you and/or are to masses. These general relativistic effects occur near the Earth as well. General relativistic corrections are applied to GPS measurements you might make using your mobile phone, because the GPS satellites are further away from the Earth (a large mass) than you are on the ground receiving the signals. So, general relativity affects us more than you might think in everyday life.