Question: what is the most unusual thing you have come across while researching?

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  1. The people I worked with were pretty unusual 🙂
    My work was very contained and I had to be very careful, I went out of my way to make sure unusual things didn’t happen.


  2. Some of my research involves the use of soundrecorders. Some of the sounds I have caught on there when i first heard them were very strange. I now know how strange some mammals can sound.


  3. Hi Tommy2stroke and Jorr,
    I would probably say the weirdest thing I have come across would be some people!
    There are certainly some characters out there, working in every kind of field, and every so often you will meet one of them! I’ve met some interesting people at conferences, and that is the only unusual thing that I have come across that I can remember – it was certainly memorable!

    Once I did something that people I work with thought was pretty unusual. I made a ‘tree’ by connecting up several pieces of plastic pipe together with connectors (I needed this for an experiment), and then I was walking through the lab with it. They thought I had some deer antlers or something like that, until they got close enough to see what it actually was!

    Another apparently unusual thing I did once was to sit in an airport and eat a whole carrot. (I didn’t have a knife and I was hungry!) There was a cleaning lady who kept looking at me funny! Not actually during my research, but I was coming home from a conference, so I think it counts! 🙂